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Re: best way to correct (possibly) outdated information on wiki.debian.org

Il 30/12/18 15:48, Roberto C. Sánchez ha scritto:

I would leave the bug report open.  If it is a problem, the maintainer
may add the example back to the package.  If it was removed by upstream
or there was some other intentional reason for the removal, he is likely
to comment on it and close the report.

There is an extremely minor difference between the old example and the current service definition: the former had "fstrim -av" (all fs) and the latter has "fstrim -Av" (fstab only). Might be relevant, might be not.

   To do such and such, refer to such and such example.  As of util-linux
   version this example is no longer provided.  An
   alternate approach is blah blah blah.  Or refer to an older version of
   the package for the referenced example.

Anyhow, you get the idea.

Unfortunately, I have no clue precisely when the change happened since the system was upgraded from stable to testing to support the new Ryzen CPU.

Anyhow, I do get the idea: once I'm registered logged in, I'll try to be as specific as possible.


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