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kvm bridge network with systemd-networkd 802.3ad bonding

I've added a second NIC to a server and am trying to configure the virtual bridge network to work with it.

I configured the network bonding initially as per https://wiki.debian.org/Bonding#Using_systemd-networkd but I couldn't get virt-manager to take bond0 as the bridge device (using the Virtual Machine Manager gui). I eventually go it to accept it by removing the [Network] Address, etc. from my /etc/networkd-systemd/management.network file (which I normally use to specify the bond0 address, etc.) and then reworked my old /etc/network/interfaces file to refer to bond0 instead of eth0.

This seems to bring up bond0 with br0 having the correct static IP, etc.. However it seems somewhat archaic. I think it should be possible to use only systemd-networkd to make this work. Also, I may have some issues with connectivity - initial connections to the virtual machine sometimes fail.

Any suggestions?

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