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Re: Latest kernel gives blank screen when it boots

Le 29/12/2018 à 11:55, Martin a écrit :
I faced the same problem for 3 days until I found your thread here.

Which thread ? There is no Message-ID reference in your post headers.

Tried to setup an old laptop with Intel graphics with Debian testing 9.6. The laptop was running Lubuntu for years happily. inxi reports it only as "Intel Core Processors Integrated Graphics".

If the GPU is Intel 4/5 Series, you may be affected by a regression introduced by a change in the 4.18 kernel i915 driver. See

I could only avoid the black screen on boot after grub with "nomodeset"

This effectively disables the i915 kernel driver.

I downgrade to 4.9.0-8 from stable cause nothing in between was offered. How can I downgrade to only 4.18.0-2? Or have you tried 4.19 in the meantime?

Not personnally, but the bug is reported to be fixed in kernel 4.19 which is now available in testing.

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