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Re: How can reportbug sends an email witthout an MTA installed ?


aprekates wrote:
> But reportbug can send emails to BTS .
> How does it do that ?

In principle, i'd say by the SMTP internet protocol.
man 1 reportbug talks of /usr/bin/sendmail.

I guess the logic can be inspected at

In line 334 it starts an MTA and connects it by a pipe.
Alternatively, in line 353 it begins to talk SMTP to the host whose address
is in variable smtphost. This is done via a python class named "smtplib".

It should be possibile to distinguish the code paths used in your
local situation by the messages:
  ewrite("Sending message via %s...\n", mta)
  ewrite("Connecting to %s via SMTP...\n", smtphost)

Looking at
it may well be that it has found one of the suggested mail transport

Have a nice day :)


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