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Re: handling lists in perl

Andy Smith wrote:

> You saying, "a list B of possible pairings find which pairs you can
> make from the list A" doesn't help when B is actually a hash,
> because hashes have keys and values, so we don't know if you mean to
> "make pairings" with the key or the value, nor is it entirely clear
> what "make a pairing" means. We can guess you mean "is equal to"
> once we know which thing you want it to be equal to, but it's still
> a guess. Why make us guess? Just say "check for equality" or
> something if that is what you mean. :)


and I think he is coming from game theory corner, given the terminology
Anyway as I said in the first comment it is not exactly clear what OP
wanted. Now we know what OP wants, but it is not clear if it makes sense. I
think this example is ill in itself as even now as you say it is not clear
what should happen with the second match of 100 and why 6 should have
precedence over 15.

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