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Re: do you find old firefox is better than new one?

You have not even tried v61 or higher (v64 now).

I have deactivated autoupdate but it simply ignore it since v54.

Also it try to enforce to activated DRM content and whenever a
website has this crap, I bet a yellow 100px high bar on the top
with the question if I want to activate it.

There is NO POSSIBILITY to deactivate DRM entirely including this
crappy yellow bar...

Also my ThinkPad T400 has 4GByte of memory and 4GByte of Swap and
Firefox eat it in less the 24 hours by kicking other Applications.

Also there is NO POSSIBILITY to limit th wbcache size...
Firefox 64 is eating currently 26GByte of my diskspace!

Have a nice day

Am 2018-12-18 hackte Long Wind in die Tasten:
> i have 52.9.0 and 45.9.0, both for stretch
> new one often becomes unresponsive,
> and i have to close it and restart it
> it often happens when i first start it
> maybe some function/service is blocked in China
> it seems it's doing something impossible, and takes much cpu resource
> but old firefox also face blocking
> i can't describe it in more details or reproduce problem

Michelle Konzack        Miila ITSystems @ TDnet
GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400

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