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[SOLVED] Re: Buster: Dolphin Ctrl+F: baloosearch on some dirs, filenamesearch on others

Dec 16, 2018, 1:47 PM by local10@tutanota.com:

> For some reason KDE Dolphin invokes (after pressing Ctrl+F) baloosearch on some directories and filenamesearch on others. Baloosearch does not work for me (that is, shows 0 folders, 0 files even when there are files matching the search criteria) while filenamesearch works fine. Why does Dolphin invoke baloosearch on some directories and how do I disable baloosearch and make filenamesearch work on all directories?
> In KDE System settings > Search > File Search I have:
>   [X] Enable File Search (checked)
>   [ ] Also index file content (unchecked)
> Any ideas? Thanks

Solved it by running "balooctl disable" to disable baloo. Apparently even if "Also index file content" option is unchecked baloo is still running. Regards, 

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