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Re: do you find old firefox is better than new one?

Thank Stefan!  i'll try 60.4.0 tomorrow.

On Monday, December 17, 2018, 7:19:59 PM GMT+8, Stefan K <shadow_7@gmx.net> wrote:

Hi Long Wind,


I use 60.4.0esr on Debian Stretch on a Lenovo T460, bevor I use Google Chrome (cause it can handle a lot of open tabs, and use for every tab a seperate process). With the 60.4.0esr everything works fine, at the moment I've more than 70 tabs open (in my "main" firefox window) and everything works fine.

At the moment I don't use Chrome anymore, cause since FF Quantum, Mozilla did a great job with that. It's fast, never crashed and it just working. A hint: I delete all my .mozilla-files before, so I started with a "fresh" firefox profile. I guess thats a reason why I dont have problems ;)


best regards


On Sunday, December 16, 2018 9:32:07 AM CET Long Wind wrote:

i have 52.9.0 and 45.9.0, both for stretch

new one often becomes unresponsive,

and i have to close it and restart it
it often happens when i first start it

maybe some function/service is blocked in China

it seems it's doing something impossible, and takes much cpu resource

but old firefox also face blocking

i can't describe it in more details or reproduce problem

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