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Re: ot: of a sort, alternative news collection sources?

Karen Lewellen wrote: 
> Hi all,
> When Google made major changes to its google news platform, someone richly
> and kindly created an alternative that kept the old google news format.
> www.theoldgnews.com
> Unfortunately word got back to google with their making more changes to the
> point the developers behind this source have shut down.
> they are open to others taking it on of course, which might have happened by
> now..fingers crossed.
> If not, does anyone know of an alternative source that provides a collection
> of news stories from various outlets in one place?

Many news sources provide RSS feeds, either of headlines with
click-through or full articles.

Most newspapers and TV news sources, of course.

The better ones offer multiple feeds, so that you can subscribe
separately for world news vs country news vs sports, for


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