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Re: Most reliable dual band driver/chipset

Tjm wrote:
> I've been using an Alfa dual band USB3 wifi adapter and while it works and =
> when it happens to stay connected it's fast and fine=2E  But it disconnects=
>  often for no apparent reason and won't reconnect by itself without removin=
> g and then reloading the module=2E  Built and tried several versions of the=
>  rtl8812au and found one branch that I've been using, v5=2E9=2Exxx versions=
>  work but with the connection reliability issue=2E
> Looking for a recommendation for an adapter and/or chip=2E

Ive never had trouble with intel -- but they don't do external / usb,
last I checked.  Just internal, and IIRC, laptop-sized at that (so
you'd need one of those adapter cards for a desktop).

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