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Re: issues with stretch, part 1 of many

On 30-11-2018, at 21h 22'48", Étienne Mollier wrote about "Re: issues with stretch, part 1 of many"
> Good Day Ionel,

Salut Étienne,
> I haven't checked in Debian 8 how the thing behaves, but it
> sounds like a change of default value in a configuration option.
> More specifically, I have come to find this entry in ssh_config
> manual which looks like affecting most entities you mentioned in
> your initial email.
> ssh_config(5):
> >    AddKeysToAgent

There is no such option already in my /etc/ssh/ssh_config. But
re-reading this explanation made me think that indeed the ssh-add is
the responsible. And, indeed, it was the "-c" option of ssh-add in my
.xsession that enabled this behaviour. I guess I added that there by
accident when I was playing with the ssh-agent -c...

Anyway, removing that -c solve the issue. Sorry for the noise. Thank
everyone for their suggestions.


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