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Re: About /dev/sr impatience with automatic tray loading


i wrote:
> > This function shall obtain the drive status and not wait until the
> > status of the medium is decided.

mick crane wrote:
> I have noticed that people whose first language might not be english use
> "shall" as apposed to "will" or "should".

The topic has its own wikipedia article:

In german it is "soll" (= shall/demanding), "sollte" (= should/proposing),
and "wird" (= will/predicting or shall/predicting).

I meant it in the way of technical specification of purpose.

Dan Ritter wrote:
> The English use it more than Americans do.

In school it was a big deal to distinguish "will" and "shall".
(I was very eager to forget the exact rules when nobody cared any more.)

I wrote:
> > I [...] needed several curious attempts during 2.5 years to finally
> > understand what happened.

Gene Heskett wrote:
> with better tools that I.

Only fgrep in local /usr/src/linux-source-3.16 and linux-4.1.6 and
Iceweasel were involved.

In the end it was about reading all commits to sr.c, sr_ioctl.c, and
cdrom.c since the release of kernel 2.6.18 (where i knew that the bug
was not in) up to 3.16 (where i first experienced the bug).

As said, i was very curious.

Have a nice day :)


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