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Re: Debian social

Marek Mosiewicz wrote:

>> The best is to have friends, family and social contacts in a human
>> way -
> That is true.
>> this means meeting and talking to people. The social media crap is
>> total
>> BS.
> I remember time when internet had news groups and it was different type
> of social. Maybe it is wrong word. I mean place for generic discussion.
> For sure better than TV
>> regards

This was the time before, long live the smombies. Unfortunately I witnessed
how this happened and I am disgusted - I guess many people too, but it
seems we are minority. But don't worry it will solve down into dumbness not
known before and it will resolve itself in a natural way as nature does not
tolerate dumbness at all and everything that goes against nature is doomed
to fail. We've seen it and we'll see it before. It just takes time - look
forward to protect your children by educating them. Many of them fall
victim to the smombies.


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