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Re: Debian social

W dniu 10.12.2018, pon o godzinie 21∶39 +0100, użytkownik deloptes
> Marek Mosiewicz wrote:
> > What about creating Debian users mailing list for social
> > entertainment.
> > I believe Debian users have great intellectual abilities and such
> > list
> > where it could be talk about anything could be great thing.
> When I hear the word "social", a fire of red lights just explodes in
> front
> of my eyes ... 
> The best is to have friends, family and social contacts in a human
> way -
That is true.
> this means meeting and talking to people. The social media crap is
> total
> BS.
I remember time when internet had news groups and it was different type
of social. Maybe it is wrong word. I mean place for generic discussion.
For sure better than TV 
> regards

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