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Re: dd: error reading '/dev/sr0': Input/output error


Gene Heskett wrote:
> > > Classic slow spinup.

I wrote:
> > After 33 MiB of reading ?

> That much would would also invalidate the dry sliders theory 

There might well be mechanical or optical problems involved. As said,
the failure patterns of drives are variform. Thus my question whether
dd can replace dvdbackup as trailblazer.

Off topic:

> > (We have a bug in the kernel since 2008 which prevents waiting for the
> >  drive to become ready after automatic tray loading.

> I've noted that too.

I identified the two commits involved
(210ba1d1724f5c4ed87a2ab1a21ca861a915f734 and
 96bcc722c47d07b6fd05c9d0cb3ab8ea5574c5b1) and have a proposal for a fix.
What i don't have is real iron for kernel development or contact to a
kernel developer who would be interested in the sr driver and its bugs.

The old timeout limit was 20 seconds. My lamest drive needs 18 seconds to
become ready (not by spin-up delay but rather by long reading time when
assessing the medium state). So i'd propose 30 seconds of patience.


Have a nice day :)


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