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automating reactions to file system changes

On 12/8/18 2:53 PM, Jeremy Nicoll wrote:> On Sat, 8 Dec 2018, at 18:59,
Gene Heskett wrote:

... but the lack of a plainly marked, multiple step undo gets me
into a dead end box that results in a quit w/o save every time.

I had a similar problem with a music-typesetting package under Windows.

I guess a versioning file system (as discussed here fairly recently) would help, but I don't have one.

Eventually I solved it with a script which examines a set of files (I
specify a pattern for those) in the folder I'm working in.   When it
starts and every few seconds (eg 10 secs) afterwards, it looks at the
files whose name matches that pattern.

For every file it finds for which there is not a corresponding
backup copy, it makes one.
On Linux, the inotify(7) is an alternative to polling:



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