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Re: Doing multiple independent install w/o internet

On Thu 06 Dec 2018 at 07:00:43 -0600, Richard Owlett wrote:

> I'm setting up a machine dedicated to *experimenting* with Debian installs
> using the content of purchased sets of DVDs.
> The project's goals include creating:
>    1. a preseed.cfg implementing *my* idea of a "minimal" install

Should be no problem; you have done this in the past.
>    2. suitable meta-packages(ww?) for above.

Sorry, I don't know what you mean here. What is ww?

> The project's constraints/assumptions include:
>   1. doing repeated scratch installs w/o internet.

Again - no problem with achieving this.

>   2. the DVDs' content will be decompressed and stored on a
>      dedicated partition

Does the content have to be on a hard disk or could it go on the flash
> My tentative procedure will be:
>   1. copy DVD1 to a flash drive with dd.
>   2. copy custom preseed.cfg to that flash drive.

You'll need a partition to put it on. The dd process might create a
suitable one.

>   3. use that flash drive for each trial install.

Booting into DVD1 will be no problem. How will the preseed file get to
be read?

>   4. create a script to install packages not on DVD1.

Not sure about how easy getting a workable script is.

> 1. Any problems with above?

Multiple, probably. There always are when trailblazing.

> 2. Content of the Nth DVD of DVD set Q will be stored at
>    /media/richard/DVDsets/setQ/dvdN .

Does the content of the other DVDs have to be on a hard disk or could it
go on the flash drive?

> Is this the correct content for sources.list ?>
> > deb file:/media/richard/DVDsets/setQ/dvd1 stable main contrib deb
> > file:/media/richard/DVDsets/setQ/dvd2 stable main contrib
> > .
> > .
> > . deb file:/media/richard/DVDsets/setQ/dvdN stable main contrib



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