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Re: [OT?] home partition vs. home directory

On 11/30/18 3:47 PM, Cindy-Sue Causey wrote:

Having lately been successfully "mount -B" ing my
/var/cache/apt/archives hoard, I can now easily see having those
(~/Documents, ~/Downloads, et al) each remaining as their own separate
directories on a secondary partition. Fstab would then be asked to
step-by-step put each of them to work as a singular entry connected up
at each reboot...

Cindy, I advocate using /opt for that very reason. I leave /home/user alone. I create /opt/user directory and fill it with the usual /home/user directories, such as Documents, Downloads, Music, Videos and the like. Those directories contain ther actual files and are safe if root partition gets clobbered or the OS becomes too wonky from installing all the things. CLEAN re-install also cleans screwed up config files in the home dot-files/directories, that you really do not want to keep. . I've done this since the Caldera (pre-RedHAT IPO) era. "Nary a burp in the barrel." as they used to say in Popular Electronics.

"Carl and Jerry" Enjoy!! Ric

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