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Re: Paypal and Linux in a low graphics environment.

On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 01:06:47AM -0500, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> may i ask, based on the post I wrote starting this thread, what gives you
> the impression that Firefox runs in a strict shell environment?

There is a serious lack of clarity here.  The subject header says
"a low graphics environment".  What in the hell does that even MEAN?

Apparently, a lot of people took it to mean "I'm using X11 but not a
desktop environment".  (I use that.  A LOT of people use that.)

Apparently, another lot of people took it to mean "I want a graphical
web browser that is very lightweight in terms of memory and CPU
requirements".  (Thus, the Pale Moon suggestions.)

Apparently, one or more people on the asking side of this thread
actually intended it to mean "I do not use X11 at all -- I only use
the Linux console, and only in a purely textual mode".  Which is more
of a NON-graphics environment, rather than a "low graphics environment".

The usual reason someone refuses to use X11 is that they're a stubborn
bastard with no sense.  (Yes, we deal with obstinate idiots constantly.
Mostly in IRC, not as often on the mailing lists, but there are some
everywhere.)  So, some of the answers were likely aimed at that audience.

And then someone mentioned a screen reader, so maybe the real goal is
"I am blind and require a browser that can be used via a screen reader".
Which is an ENTIRELY different question from what was being guessed.

It would be incredibly helpful if people would explicitly spell out the
exact requirements and restrictions they're working under.  Otherwise,
a huge amount of time is wasted trying to guess what the actual goals are.

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