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Re: Paypal and Linux in a low graphics environment.

* Karen Lewellen <klewellen@shellworld.net> [18-11/13=Tu 18:04 -0500]:
>>>> [...] I only have access to Linux via a shell.  [Using "modern"
>>>> sites like PayPal is hard because of graphics, JS, etc.]  Changes
>>>> in the past week or so makes even elinks a problem.  Ideas?

* Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> [18-11/14=We 15:55 -0500]:
>>> Tried browsh (https://www.brow.sh/)?

Another option is Edbrowse <http://edbrowse.org/>.
It is extremely hardcore <http://www.gnu.org/fun/jokes/ed-msg.txt>.

* Karen Lewellen <klewellen@shellworld.net> [18-11/14=We 17:06 -0500]:
>> [...] before I ask the shellworld.net administrator to
>> consider [browsh], I wish to know it works.

* Jude DaShiell <jdashiel@panix.com> [18-11/14=We 18:03 -0500]:
> Unfortunately browsh isn't ready for prime time
> anywhere for screen reader users.

Edbrowse has the advantage of offering statically-linked binaries at
<http://edbrowse.org/static/>; instead of asking your administrator
to set it up, you can just download the 32-bit or 64-bit binary
into your <~/bin> (which is presumably in your $PATH) and run it.
I have done this and it works, but I have not tried PayPal.

That installation will not get any documentation, of course.
<http://www.linuxcertif.com/man/1/edbrowse/> is a third-party
man page; the substance of it is in English, though it's
hosted on a French server so has some prolegomena and
epilegomena in French; those can be ignored.  The same
server also hosts <http://www.linuxcertif.com/man/1/ed/>,
which is what you really need to start grokking ed.

When you first run edbrowse, it will create a default config file
for you, and warn you about it.  I was able to use edbrowse without
initially modifying my config file; just ignore it until you need it.

The shell command 'edbrowse http://edbrowse.org/usersguide.html'
browses the the user's guide.  To page through that file,
start with the ed command '0z24' to get the first 24 lines;
then, 'z' for each subsequent 24 lines; finally, 'q' to exit.

A quick reference guide begins at line 289 of that
(rendered) file, which has a total of 3,522 lines.

There is a wiki at <https://github.com/CMB/edbrowse/wiki>,
which I was able to access with Lynx; it contains instructions
for making it accessible with Edbrowse (markdown is involved,
and you need to edit your config file for that).  It also has
tips for Twitter and Facebook, but doesn't mention PayPal.

You can edit your config file, <~/.ebrc>, by running the shell command
'edbrowse -c'.  The file starts with stuff like mail accounts, for
which you may prefer not to put passwords on <shellworld.net>.  You
can just ignore that stuff (i.e leave the invalid examples unchanged),
and only make the changes you need, such as markdown support.

Apropos <shellworld.net>, I couldn't even find a home page for them;
all accesses were "ERROR 403: Forbidden".  I'm paying $7/month for
a shell account at Eskimo North that gives me access to 13 different
distributions on virtual servers, as well as the usual amenities like
mail, news, and my own web site; and tech support is very responsive.
You might want to investigate <http://www.eskimo.com/>.

                 Will Mengarini  <seldon@eskimo.com>
         Free software: the Source will be with you, always.
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