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Re: Paypal and Linux in a low graphics environment.

On 11/15/2018 6:57 AM, Doug wrote:
> On 11/15/2018 12:48 AM, john doe wrote:
>> On 11/14/2018 10:06 PM, Karen Lewellen wrote:
>>> You have used paypal with this tool?
>>> before I ask the shellworld.net administrator to consider the  option, I
>>> wish to  know it works.
>>> for the record shellworld uses Ubuntu.
>>> Jude, if you are following this thread, could the program run here?
>>> Karen
>> Given the constrain(s) you're facing, I would look at virtualisation.
>> Fire up a vm with a desktop environment and start from there.
> I am probably not understanding the problem. I use the PaleMoon browser
> in PCLOS, and I use PayPal all the time. (PaleMoon is a spinoff from an
> older Firefox that doesn't get modified every few weeks.)
> Are you saying that you can't use PayPal with your browser, or what?
> Does it say why not? I'm sure you must have Firefox, so have you tried it?

Apparently, the OP doesn't have a DE at her disposal.

John Doe

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