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Re: Suspend - which packages are at least needed?


On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 09:39:19AM +0100, Hans wrote:
> Hi folks,
> in earlier times suspend-to-disk worked fine, but now after the years things 
> changed. Suspend-to-disk is no more working. This might be by changes in the 
> kernel and in the packages.

More like 'in the packages'.

> What packages do I really need? On my debian/testing I have
> laptop-mode-tools, uswsusp, tux-on-ice, powerdevil (Plasma5),acpi and 
> hibernate. 

None of these.
Laptop-mode-tools is for powersaving.
uswsusp and tux-on-ice do not do anything that kernel cannot.
powerdevil is a KDE GUI tool that cannot work unless underlying things do.
acpid is irrelevant to the suspend-on-disk.
hibernate is tux-on-ice related.

> I believe, these might be too much. Any ideas?

Remove all those save for laptop-mode-tools and powerdevil.
Ensure you have swap configured.
Invoke 'systemctl hibernate' if you're using systemd.
Install pm-utils if not, and invoke 'pm-hibernate'.


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