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Re: portable CD players

On Saturday, November 10, 2018 09:54:17 AM mick crane wrote:
> It has to be CD as a person doesn't have access to a computer or
> anything so I thought about sending them a cd player and story discs.

For the price of an inexpensive (less than $5) solid state MP3 player, a small 
SD card (again, I'm guessing you can get a 4GB for around $5), and, if 
necessary, a USB charger and a set of headphones and earbuds, you'd be ahead 
of a Discman and CDs.

IIRC, a CD holds a maximum of 80 minutes .wav sound.  (Around 800MB, about 1 
MB per minute).  A 4 GB holds way more than that in .mp3, although a figure 
doesn't come to mind at the moment -- maybe more on the order of 40 hours of 
sound.  And, it is reprogrammable.

(Some CDs are reprogrammable (erasable and reusable), but, ime, they typically 
don't work in standard CD players.)

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