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Re: portable CD players

mick crane wrote:
> Does anybody know about these portable CD players like Sony Discman ?
> On the PC I
> "play stories.m3u"
> where "stories.m3u" is just a list of mp3 files from librivox.org
> If I put them on a CD will Discman play them, with a menu selection ?
> Are they ATRAC or something ?
> Any particular format needed ?
> Any recommendations for CD player ?

  you will likely do much better getting a solid state
device of some kind instead of a CD player.

  i don't have an MP3 player type device myself on
this machine but i do rip all of my CD's asap when
i get them so that they aren't in danger of being
scratched or otherwise damaged (dropped by accident).

  as soon as i figure out how to get the right device
to transmit to the stereo receiver in the other room
i'm going to replace the 300 disc cd player as it is
starting to have issues (it's been used thousands of
hours by now since we bought it).


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