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Re: I may volunteer to be a package maintainer

Robert Arkiletian:
> https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/pyfltk
> I noticed that Debian and hence Ubuntu have dropped the "python-fltk" package.
> If I volunteer to be the maintainer of the package is there
> documentation I can read to learn how to become a package maintainer?

You already received the relevant link for that.

> Also, if this package is maintained in Debian will it also need a
> maintainer in Ubuntu or will I also have to do that too. If yes, then
> can I just maintain it for Ubuntu?

If you maintain it in Debian, chances are that Ubuntu will just pick up
automatically. I do not know the exact processes behind that. If you
only maintain it in Ubuntu, Debian will most certainly not include it
because you need a maintainer in Debian in any case.

Be it as may, Debian does not require any contributor to also contribute
directly to Ubuntu. Ubuntu just uses a lot of work that was originally
done for Debian. (I do not mean that as an insult, that's the way free
software works.)

> The main reason I ask that is I know Debian supports many
> architectures, which I don't have access to. I was mainly just
> interested in maintaining the AMD64 arch. Is this possible?

I do not think that you have to worry much about that. I expect most
package maintainers only have direct access to one or two architectures
and the main one being AMD64.  The Debian build infrastructure will do
most of the work and I think if you need access to a machine of a
different architecture for debugging you can always ask the maintainers
of that architecture.

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