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Re: Recommendation on partition sizes


On Sun, Nov 04, 2018 at 02:31:14PM +0100, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> Le 04/11/2018 à 13:53, Andy Smith a écrit :
> >
> >On Sun, Nov 04, 2018 at 10:19:59AM +0100, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> >>Le 04/11/2018 à 05:45, Andy Smith a écrit :
> >>Why don't you include the swap in LVM ?
> >
> >I don't see the point as it will never change in size.
> Why not ? You could decide that you don't need swap any more and reclaim the
> space. Or if you use hibernation and add some RAM, you could decide to
> increase the swap size accordingly.

I am never going to decide that I don't want any swap at all. In the
unlikely event I want more, I can add it from inside the VG.

If there is a person who regularly removes their swap entirely and
then puts it back again later then I imagine it would make much more
sense to have it inside LVM as well. I struggle to imagine such a
person, but I'm sure they exist in life's rich tapestry. For me,
it's not something I'm ever likely to mess with and if I did it
would be to add more, not take away.


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