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Re: Creating a bootable (non-UEFI) backup copy of a bootable (non-UEFI) Debian hard disk

On 11/3/18 2:55 PM, local10 wrote:
Nov 3, 2018, 4:32 PM by dpchrist@holgerdanske.com:

dd(1) is a lowest-common-denominator tool that is available on most every Debian system, live CD, and installer (plus other Linuxes and BSD's).  I use dd to blindly copy bytes to bytes, so it is unaware of partition tables, slices, partitions, volume managers, encryption, file systems, OS's, drivers, apps, data, etc...  It's fast and I avoid the headaches.  It should work well for your use-case.

I actually had a working backup system in place, rsync-ing "/" and just copying /boot files from source HD to backup HD. It worked reasonably well over the years and I now wonder how simply copying /boot files did not cause me problems back then. I think I probably did initial mirroring with dd and after that just did incremental updates with rsync. Did not even have issues when both HD were present in the system.

"If it ain't broke...".  :-)

That said, I try to make sure that only time I have two system drives connected in the same computer is when I am doing imaging operations. An 'apt-get upgrade' with two drives connected could give confusing results (especially after one of the system drives is removed).


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