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Re: any program that search for same files?

On 2018-10-14 at 18:56, Long Wind wrote:

> according to rdfind manual:
> EXAMPLES       Search for duplicate files in home directory and a backup directory:
>               rdfind ~ /mnt/backup
> i run "rdfind /mnt/money/doc /mnt/play"
> to my alarm, it delete files:

Where do you get the idea that it was deleting files from?

> Now scanning "/mnt/money/doc", found 925 files.
> Now scanning "/mnt/play", found 30527 files.
> Now have 31452 files in total.
> Removed 0 files due to nonunique device and inode.
> Now removing files with zero size from list...removed 1 files

This means that it found a file with zero size, so it dropped that file
from the list. It doesn't mean that it deleted the file from the disk.

> Total size is 30245034596 bytes or 28 Gib
> Now sorting on size:removed 18727 files due to unique sizes from list.12724 files left.

This means that it dropped files from the list because there's no other
file in the list with the exact same file size. It doesn't mean that it
deleted any files from the disk.

> Now eliminating candidates based on first bytes:^C

This means that it's dropping files from the list because their first
few bytes are different. It doesn't mean that it's deleting files from
the disk.

I have used rdfind myself. It does not delete files unless you pass an
option telling it to.

   The Wanderer

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