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Re: any program that search for same files?

according to rdfind manual:

       Search for duplicate files in home directory and a backup directory:
              rdfind ~ /mnt/backup

i run "rdfind /mnt/money/doc /mnt/play"
to my alarm, it delete files:

Now scanning "/mnt/money/doc", found 925 files.
Now scanning "/mnt/play", found 30527 files.
Now have 31452 files in total.
Removed 0 files due to nonunique device and inode.
Now removing files with zero size from list...removed 1 files
Total size is 30245034596 bytes or 28 Gib
Now sorting on size:removed 18727 files due to unique sizes from list.12724 files left.
Now eliminating candidates based on first bytes:^C

On Monday, October 15, 2018, 6:39:40 AM GMT+8, Håkon Alstadheim <hakon@alstadheim.priv.no> wrote:

Den 15. okt. 2018 00:19, skrev The Wanderer:
> On 2018-10-14 at 18:06, Long Wind wrote:
>> given two directories, the program can print files that are in both
>> directories
>> to make it easy, if file name and size are same, then they are same
>> i've to admit my memory is poor, if good, who need such program?
>> i'm about to write it in java, it can be completed in a few hours but
>> i think there might be simple solution
> Sounds like a perfect case for rdfind.

fdupes or jdupes fit the bill.

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