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Re: Pico-report: using Stable without sysvinit

> Moreover I hope we can leave the bickering behind
> us and realize that after all, we're all working on free software,
> may our approaches differ sometimes.

Agreed. Sheer commonsense. And more fun, too.

With all due respect, I must strongly disagree.

Systemd is Redhat/NSA cancerware, serving their selfish interests, not yours. 

And since we are all familiar with the numerous and profound design and implementation deficiencies of systemd, these will not be repeated here. 

I believe Debian made a terrible mistake in submitting to the Systemd tyranny. A mistake that I do not and will not agree with. And that I oppose and will continue to oppose. 

And I shall not entertain notions to the contrary.

To quote Kate McKinnon, "I'm not giving up, and you shouldn't either."


"One ring to summon them, and in the darkness bind them." 

"Ein wolk, 
 ein Reich, 
 ein init."

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