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Re: DRBD sync speed

Hi Dan,

Yes, I tried tweaking config following that link but for some reason the sync progress is not showing any more.
I guess I need to fiddle with it more.

I have 16 x 500 GB disks in each server and my layout is as below:

1-4: VD0: RAID10: 2 spans of 2 disks -> 1TB for Proxmox containers and VMs
5-14: VD1: RAID50: 2 spans of 5 disks -> 4TB for storage (which I'm trying to sync for redundancy using DRBD)
15-16: global hot spares

It appears to provide the best performance, resiliency and space utilisation balance. I've been referring to this chart: https://www.datarecovery.net/articles/raid-level-comparison.aspx

Is there anything fundamentally wrong with my architecture?


On 10/10/18 16:54, Dan Ritter wrote:
Have you read

and edited your drbd.conf to suit?

Unrelated: how is it that you decided on RAID50 for 4TB of disk space?
If it's valuable, you should be looking at RAID10. If it's not
valuable, why 50 over 6 or RAIDZ2 or 3?


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