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Re: "passwd username" asks for current password of user even tho I'm root

Am Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2018, 15:17:11 CEST schrieb Mariusz Gronczewski:

as a normal user you should be able to change your password using "passwd 

When you want to change an alien password,. obviously you should be root. 
Otherwise any user wopuld bve able to change anybodies password.

If you need another authoritive user for special things, add this user 
to /etc/sudoers and define the rules.

Hope I understood your problem correctly.


> Hi,
> On previous releases, and on our CentOS systems I could change password of
> user by just sudo-ing to root and typing "passwd testuser"
> In current Debian release, doing that asks me to specify that user password,
> which is pointless because:
> * I can access /etc/shadow anyway
> * I'm changing it because user forgot it
> Is there any way to set passwd (or PAM) to not ask root for current password
> on passwd-ing non-root accounts ?
> Cheers
> Mariusz
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