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Re: (Debian) USB Audio interface makes terrible noises

Mask The Truth God wrote:

> Hi ive asked this on multiple different sites and still no replies so ill
> try and see if anyone knows here.
> as i have just recently switched to debian i have most things sorted out
> however, I cannot figure out this problem. I have a M-Audio MobilePre usb
> audio interface ive been using for years with no problem. But now when i
> try using it with debian stable (current version) it will play audio
> normally for a second then all of a sudden it will practically blow the
> speakers inside my headphones and get incredibly loud and distorted and
> then no sound will come through at all from whatever i was listening to
> and it will be replaced by a severe extremely loud distorted hissing. ive
> used this on linux mint and ubuntu before with 0 problems so im not sure
> whats wrong.
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Can you confirm that it still works properly in other setup?
I mean not before but now if you plug in to mint for example?

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