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Re: How to react on a factually wrong Debian wiki change ?

On 2018-09-27, Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk> wrote:
> "wodim should better not be used with DVD or BD media."

The French Wiki has something like: 

 It is preferable not to use wodim with DVD or BD media.

Notice the elimination all weasly padding of the "Some believe it would
be better" variety (as began Keeling's uncommented edit).

Wodim either is or isn't as reliable as the other two apps for burning
DVD or BD media. My impression is Keeling believes the former. 

> Perhaps a rewording:
>  There is (strong? extensive?) evidence that wodim should not be used
>  with DVD or BD media. However, the many variables involved, especially
>  burner types and media type and quality, could result a successful
>  burn.

Sure. Now let's head over to the Traffic Safety Wiki to opine that
although some might posit driving down the freeway at 150 mph is
ill-advised, depending on vehicle type, road conditions, pilot skill,
weather, time of day, general visibility, state of traffic, and any
number of other factors, traveling at such speeds on such roadways can
result in a successful transfer from point A to B. 


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