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Underlying problems - was [Re: Permission issues - operator error?]

On 09/22/2018 08:34 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
I'm assuming operator problem as I get same symptoms on:
    two laptops each running different Debian releases (6.8, 9.1).
      [both using MATE desktop]
    two different media (32Gb USB flash, 240 Gb USB SSD).

Logged in as 'richard' I use Gparted (providing root password) to repartition the drive. As I'm diagnosing problems I do a power off/on cycle to force a cold boot.

After login in as either 'richard' or 'root' permissions are displayed as "could not be determined".

The MATE tools do not act as I expected.
I followed the directions elsewhere in this thread concluding with
 mkfs.ext4 -E root_owner=1000:1000 -L 2018Sept23tst1 /dev/sdb1

When I allow to auto-magically mount it and then double-click its icon Caja displays an empty directory [as expected]. Clicking on the 'up arrow' [Open parent folder] an entity titled "2018Sept23tst1" is displayed. Right-clicking on the title followed by choosing Properties->Permissions shows it is owned by 'richard' of group 'richard' [as intended].

*HOWEVER* right-clicking on the desktop icon titled "2018Sept23tst1" followed by choosing Properties->Permissions states that:
Permissions of "2018Sept23tst1" could not be determined.

*UNEXPECTED* result.

As 'root' I copy a directory from a random partition of the hard drive.
Permissions for the directory and its contents are displayed as 'root'.
I change the folder ownership to 'richard' clicking on apply permissions to enclosed files.

They enclosed directories and files are still owned by 'root' :<

I'll have to do more work to document. But I have higher priority problems.

Thanks to all.

With >50 years test/troubleshooting in various fields, do I have a blind spot?
(P.S. I've even written test procedures - interesting experience ;)


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