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Re: Debugging mysterious freeze / crash

Gene Heskett wrote:

> I can, been chasing electrons for 70 of my 84 years, and I can
> categoricly state that fellow Murphy, who wrote all those laws, was a
> pessimist. His "whatever can go wrong, will", is an understatement. Even
> if it cannot go wrong, it will.

You mean he was optimist and you are realist? :)

I also bet on "whatever can go wrong, will" - saved my a** many times
Another great rule I use is "check, double check and then you can check
whatever the f**k you wanna check"

Unfort. it is time consuming - increases costs - of course it delivers
quality, but the cost factor compared to some chinese, indian or other
emerging countries is becoming recently a big problem. You might be lucky
to have missed that.


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