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Re: Permission issues - operator error?


On Sun, Sep 23, 2018 at 01:18:25PM -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:
> Is this not creating a partition?
> >root@debian8-6:/home/richard# mkfs.ext4 root_owner=1000:1000 -L 2018Sept23tst1 /dev/sdb1
> >mke2fs 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014)

Nope. The error you got from this command is consistent with
/dev/sdb1 not existing. Because you did not create that partition

The mkfs commands create a filesystem on an existing block device.
That device could be a partition, whole disk or even a loopback
file. mkfs doesn't create the device itself.

Try using fdisk or similar, if you are looking for a command line
partition editor.


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