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Re: Installing from live

On Wed 19 Sep 2018 at 19:16:29 (+0200), Thomas Schmitt wrote:

> > What I was envisaging was a windows user closing down, booting up a
> > USB stick's live Debian and corrupting their windows disk by using
> > it to store ISO files.
> By what words could i warn MS-Windows users of this pitfall ?
> Any proposals ?

As I'm not a Windows user¹, I'm probably not the best person to put my
worries into the vocabulary that a W~ user would employ. But perhaps
something along the lines of:

Windows can close down leaving the disk partitions in a state that
assumes they will not be modified before Windows is next rebooted.
Booting a linux system and mounting those partitions (other than as
readonly) could lead to disk corruption that might be difficult to
recover from.
You need to ensure that Windows is fully closed down before using
space on its partitions for writing files. See

Something like that. There might be a better reference. A Windows user
might know which specific buttons or commands to use to ensure the
correct state is reached.

¹ I vaguely recall W95, which had none of these problems; just a load
of other ones.


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