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Re: libcurl3 and libcurl4

On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 10:52:23PM +0900, A_Man_Without_Clue wrote:
> I did find that when I installed "cmake", libcurl3 was replaced with
> libcurl4. So I removed "cmake", run apt-cache rdepends libcurl4 and
> nothing was dependent on that so I removed it, and downloaded libcurl3
> and re-installed it.
> Now the problem with viber is gone.

But... there's still the question of HOW you got libcurl4 in the first
place.  There is no libcurl4 package in stretch.

As you can see on <https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=libcurl4>
it is only in buster and sid.

So, you probably frankendebianed your system at some point.  That's
the larger issue that people were trying to uncover.  You might have
undone *some* of the damage just now, by removing this one particular
testing/unstable package, but there could be more.

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