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Re: CdEmu

A_Man_Without_Clue wrote:

> On 09/21/2018 02:28 AM, deloptes wrote:
>> A_Man_Without_Clue wrote:
>>> I am trying to run CdEmu on buster but unable to do so.
>>> I get
>>> "ERROR: Failed to connect to CDEmu daemon: g-dbus-error-quark: Error
>>> calling StartServiceByName for net.sf.cdemu.CDEmuDaemon:
>>> GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process
>>> net.sf.cdemu.CDEmuDaemon exited with status 255 (25)
>>> "
>>> Also, .cdemu-daemon.log
>>> Starting CDEmu daemon with following parameters:
>>> - num devices: 1
>>> - control device: /dev/vhba_ctl
>>> - audio driver: default
>>> - bus type: session
>>> cdemu0: Kernel I/O: failed to open control device /dev/vhba_ctl: No such
>>> file or directory!
>>> cdemu: Daemon: failed to start device #0!
>>> cdemu: Daemon: failed to create device!
>>> Daemon initialization and start failed!
>>> I installed from deb-multimedia
>>> Can anybody suggest to fix?
>> It looks like you are missing some kernel support. On top the dbus might
>> be resulting from this or another issue.
>> https://cdemu.sourceforge.io/about/vhba/
>> Look like you need to read a bit more documentation ;-)
>> regards
> Thanks for reply but this had lead me to deeper shit.
> Forget it. I have given up. I don't want to screw whole system up.
> During the process, I lost libcurl3 and I lost the application that
> depends on it. Crap....Now I cannot get it back because of
> libcurl4...don't know what to do anymore.
> Thanks anyway.
> M.W.C.

Never mind. Just for the record libcurl3 is default in debian stretch. How
did you get libcurl4 installed? And why?
you should take the version matching your library set.

$ dpkg -l | grep curl
ii  libcurl3:amd64                          7.52.1-5+deb9u7

I did not have time to go through the documentation, but it looks like you
need a kernel driver to use this CD emulation. I was thinking when you have
the driver it would work.
We usually do all the work in virutal machine or chrooted environment, where
you can easily revert back and not impact your working environment.


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