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Re: Unstable update ridiculousness

On 21/09/2018 07:51, Default User wrote:
Using advice given, using apt-listings and aptitude full-update, l was able
to update everything except the 3 packages in question, which are now
"pinned", with a priority of 3000.

I find apt-mark hold more convenient than pinning.

I do have both cron and anacron installed, but have never used or done
anything to configure them. Note: the computer in question is not on 24/7,
but is normally on part of every day. Thus anacron, per the apt-listbugs
man page.

I mask cron and anacron because I prefer manual control of all system maintenance tasks.

Kind regards,

Ben Caradoc-Davies <ben@transient.nz>
Transient Software Limited <https://transient.nz/>
New Zealand

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