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Re: Yet another UEFI/BIOS question

Hi Pascal,

Thank you for your answer

Le 19-09-2018, à 23:30:40 +0200, Pascal Hambourg a écrit :

Le 19/09/2018 à 16:50, steve a écrit :

Googling around, I suspect that these errors come from the fact that the
BIOS is configured to but in Legacy mode (aka Bios mode) rather than in
the more modern UEFI mode. Just an hypothesis.

But the problem is that my old sdd's have all (except /dev/sdd, which I just noticed) a msdos partition table:

So what ?

Nothing, I just noticed that while writing my message.

Partition Table: gpt
1      1049kB  524MB  523MB   ntfs         Basic data partition 2      524MB   629MB  105MB   fat32        EFI system partition 3      629MB   646MB  16.8MB               Microsoft reserved partition 4      646MB   250GB  249GB   ntfs         Basic data partition

Grub-pc is currently installed on /dev/sda1 (/boot) and /dev/sda.
My questions are rather simple. Is it conceivable to convert the sdd's to gpt partition table (...) so I can switch my BIOS to UEFI?
You don't need to convert anything. UEFI can use DOS partition tables.

I know since that's what I'm currently doing. But as mentioned in my
first message, I suspect the ACPI issues arising during boot time might
be linked to that fact. So that's why I'd like to try to be 100% UEFI
All you need is an EFI system partition. As you can see above, Windows already created one. You can mount it on /boot/efi and install GRUB EFI.

Do you mean that I can use the Windows disk to dual boot and leave alone
the sda disk where I have the GNU/Linux system installed on?

Note that registering GRUB into the UEFI boot variables requires to boot in EFI mode. You can do it with a Debian installation or live image.

Does that mean that I cannot

1) mount /boot/efi on windows disk on Debian's /mnt
2) install grub-efi on it
3) shutdown
4) modify the BIOS to load only in UEFI mode 5) reboot



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