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Re: [OT] Best (o better than yahoo) mail provider for malinglists

On Tue, Aug 28, 2018 at 06:12:15PM +0200, Francesco Porro wrote:
> As a member of this mailing list, I have a little (OT) question for you:
> which is the best free email service around to receive mailing lists?


Free email services are wholly inadequate for professional uses like
participation in mailing lists.  They suffice for some "throwaway"
purposes but none of them have managed to demonstrate acceptable
levels of competence and diligence, and most of them are plagued
by systemic, chronic problems such as laughably bad anti-spam controls
(both in the sense of false negatives and false positives) and
completely non-responsive RFC 2142 role addresses (e.g., postmaster).
A number of them have been repeatedly hacked on a large scale, and
several of them continue to exhibit problems strongly suggesting
that the lights are on, but nobody's home.

If you want quality service, you're going to have to pay for it.
(Note that you also pay for free email services: it's just that the bill
isn't quite so overt.)  I recommend Panix (panix.com) as one provider
worthy of consideration.  (Note: I'm a long-time Panix customer,
however I get nothing for recommending them.)  There are others
who also provide quality service at reasonable rates and who have
demonstrated that they're run by clueful, attentive, responsive people.


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