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Re: Installing from live


David Wright wrote:
> I mount all the "foreign" partitions readonly (both NTFS and FAT)

That's a wise move in general, of course.
But if you are downloading a BD sized ISO of 20+ GiB, then RAM based
"disk" storage might be too small.

As soon as the ISO is composed from template file and Debian packages
by Jigdo, it may be burnt to a BD medium. But Jigdo needs a file path
where to inflate its template file to full ISO size.

> I used Windows's tools to shrink its filesystems and partitions

Well, that would be an invasive way to use the real disk of the MS-Windows
machine. Also i expect it to need more GNU/Linux knowledge than we can
expect, when it comes to making the free space usable by the Live system.

Nevertheless, if you have a tangible proposal as alternative to


i am interested to see it.

Have a nice day :)


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