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Re: Installing from live

On Tue 18 Sep 2018 at 13:21:31 (+0200), Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> Hi,
> Rick Thomas wrote:
> > For example, if your home has limited Internet bandwidth, but you can drive
> > to a library (or your place of work) where the bandwidth is better, it might
> > be better to use the DVD or BD (blue-ray) install image on a USB stick.
> Yeah. But will a public or workplace machine be able to run Jigdo ?
> Afaik, only Jigdo can get you BD sized ISOs or the full set of 14 DVDs.
> The other download paths offer at most the first 3 DVD images.

One could also save petrol and have a physical DVD delivered to one's
mailbox for less than $/£10. (And support your mail carrier.)

> > run jigdo [...] on the “live” setup to download the
> > CD/DVD/BD install images
> That's not totally trivial. I wrote an article about it:
>   https://wiki.debian.org/JigdoOnLive
> It mainly lacks hints for those who want to mount their MS-Windows
> disk and let Debian Live's Jigdo store the download on that disk.
> Proof reading and additional knowledge about MS-Windows or MacOS would
> be really appreciated.

One of the main reasons I mount all the "foreign" partitions readonly
(both NTFS and FAT) is in case Windows wasn't shut down with its
filesystems fully synced and unmounted. That's also why I used
Windows's tools to shrink its filesystems and partitions before I
installed linux on this PC in the first place. But I accept that many
people are less cautious.


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