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Debian Stretch on iMac 2013

Hi everyone,

I've been using Debian since very early on, so I'm hoping this works, but does anyone know if Debian Stretch will run well on a 2013 21 inch iMac? I've had Linux Mint 9 on it before, but I'm definitely loyal to Debian. The things that I know work are the WiFi, if I install firmware-b43-installer, but the question for me is, can I get bluetooth working? I use a knock-off bluetooth Apple keyboard as my main keyboard. I have access to a wired keyboard, but it belongs to another family member so I don't have total access to using it. So I really need bluetooth to work. This Mac was a gift from a friend for my work, and even though I'm currently running macOS High Sierra I would really like to use Debian. Any words of wisdom on the bluetooth?


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