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Re: SyncTeX?

On 2018-09-16, Glenn English <ghe2001@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks to the answers and suggestions to my plea, I may have figured
> out what's happening with SyncTeX scribbling on my monitor.
> It was suggested that 'texlive-extra-utils' is where synctex comes
> from, but that's not installed here. So more than one package must
> bring it in as a dependency or something.

> Here, I'm pretty sure, it's Evince.

I would stab in the dark and guess 'gedit-plugins,' which pulls in


curty@einstein:~$ apt-cache show gedit-plugins
 gedit-plugins contain a set of plugins for gedit, GNOME's text editor.
 The following plugins are included:


  * SyncTeX: Synchronize between LaTeX and PDF with gedit and evince.

> I have a Python script running that tells me every hour to get up from
> the keyboard and get a little exercise. That script runs Evince to
> display pdfs of the notices. When I kill the script, the garbage no
> longer appears. And other Python scripts don't do that stuff.
> The problem now is that those notices are good for me. I've looked for
> other pdf viewers, but there's nothing in the repositories anywhere as
> nice as Evince for taking up the entire screen and enlarging a pdf.
> Anybody know of a civilized, bug-free pdf viewer? (will display full
> screen with no or thin borders, allows for manipulating size and
> position)
> --
> Glenn English

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