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Re: booting

On 2018-09-16 12:52, mick crane wrote:
On 2018-09-16 12:05, Thakur Mahashaya wrote:
Hello dears!
Tell me, please, when the system is booted over the network, is it
enough to simply Internet via modem? Do I need to install an
additional program on a flash drive? Where is the checksum for the
image that is in the upper right corner of the official site? Thanks
so much.....

I think I see.
If there is a checksum you are supposed to download the file and then
install it locally.
Checksum is made by a program that examines the file and outputs
numbers which only that file will produce.
To ensure that you download exactly the same file you have the same
program on your PC which examines the downloaded file and if the
numbers are the same then file is good.

checksum is produced md5 or sha-2 format
md5sum is available for windows, not sure about sha-2
I think I used Cygwin last time I did that.

Ok in windows there is CertUtil

CertUtil -hashfile downloaded.iso md5

CertUtil -hashfile downloaded.iso sha256

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