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Re: ext2 for /boot ???

>> BTW, am I the only one here bothered that his 250MB /boot partition
>> tends to fill up, even though a 500MB HDD was plenty to hold the whole
>> OS plus lots and lots of free space, on a 64bit workstation like the
>> original DEC Alphas?
> you may consider removing old images that you do not use as they are not
> removed automatically AFAIR.
> I keep n, n-1 and rearly n-2

Obviously that's what we all do, I think.  My point was more
philosophical than asking for help, tho ;-)

I just find it amazing that the kernel has grown to be so big as to be
comparable to a complete unix distribution on a workstation of some
years ago (with GUI, compilers, ...).

And to a large extent they work identically (same windowing system, same
editor, same 1600x1200 screen resolution, ...).

Anyway... you can return to your regular daily Debianising,


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