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Re: root on ZFS

On 09/12/2018 06:56 AM, Matthew Crews wrote:
On 9/11/18 5:30 PM, David Christensen wrote:

Matthew Crews has kindly posted what
appears to be the current work-around for Debian Stretch (no, I haven't
tried it):

  > See the ZFSOnLinux Wiki:


Grab a test box, a pair of SSD's, and give it a try.  Let us know how it
works out (or not).

I've also successfully installed Debian Stretch on a LUKS-encrypted ZFS
root partition.


The upcoming ZFS 0.8 will make LUKS unnecessary as it
will feature native ZFS encryption.

That will be a nice feature to have. I wonder when it will make it into Debian.

1.  The easiest path that I have found for creating FOSS Un*x-like
systems with ZFS OOTB is FreeBSD.  Beware that the BSD userland and root
CSH are not GNU.

Aside from FreeBSD, the Antergos Linux installer also lets you install
ZFS on root. I'm not sure how they worked out the licensing for that
one, but technically its something the end user can already do.


2.  I seem to recall that Ubuntu added ZFS OOTB a few years ago.  STFW,
it looks like they currently also have a ZFS work-around:


      You might want to download the latest stable Ubuntu installer and
give it a try.

Ubuntu's installer does not allow ZFS on root. The procedure for Ubuntu
on ZFS root is largely the same as Debian, with a few Ubuntu-specific


Thanks for the useful information!  :-)


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